About Us

1DayOnewebsite is brought to you by Amplus Agency, a full service marketing agency located in Fort Worth, TX. As a small independently run business, we wanted to create a better way to help other small businesses.

We’re here to help businesses accomplish an often difficult task: Creating a website at an affordable price with support and actual people to walk you through every step. We have a structured class and a support team that has the capacity to help you not only create a website but to create a great one that represents your business.

You know it’s important it is to have a website in the modern business environment, so let us help you with an online presence so you can get back to running your business.

Google Partners

We’re Google Partners, which means that we have met all qualifications and passed the test to ensure that we can help businesses online. During our class, you will learn the basics of online ads so that you can at least understand how they work and how they can make money for your business.
After your site is complete, if you want to claim your FREE $100 toward online ads, talk to us – we would be happy to help.

Day Of Preparation

This is very important!! You must be prepared prior to coming to the class so we can help you make your website in one day.

We cannot guarantee one day websites to those who arrive unprepared….But it’s not that hard, so don’t worry.


What to bring:

  1. A computer that can connect to the Internet (laptop or desktop) with a keyboard
  2. All flyers / brochures / pictures / logo(s) or other information about your business – in either digital* or hard copy
    *No digital? No problem. It’s merely the preferred format
  3. One or two paragraph written description that explains what your business does in a Word doc.

You're at the right place!

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